Recruitment Solutions

Outstanding candidates remains in demand whatever the economic outlook. Searching for the right candidates with appropriate skills set, mentality and qualifications has become a major challenge to management with recruitment needs. As a result, we offer our clients a flexible tailored solution from a single individual to a large team on project or contract basis.

Here are some advantages of utilizing our recruitment services:

Flexible Recruitment Exercise:

  • Thorough understanding requirements of clients
  • Extensive database of quality candidates on IT or non-IT related market in both China and Hong Kong
  • Free consulting service for China recruitment issues, such as China labor law, social insurance, housing allowance...etc.
  • Participation in the negotiation of compensation package
  • Follow-up and subsequent consultancy advice
Secondment Services/ Contract Staff Services

When our clients exploit our contractor services, qualified candidates will be under the direct employment of CLTS while carrying out duties according to our clients' instruction. Advantages of outsourcing human resources:

  • Enhance Cost Control and reduce expense in HR management
  • Alleviate pressure on company downsizing, restructuring, and layoff...etc.
  • Enjoy better credit terms and higher liquidity as CLTS will settle payroll for clients in advance on a monthly basis
  • Ease of sudden/ short-term excess workload due to emerging needs/ opportunities/ ad hoc projects
  • Release the obligation / responsibility as an employer to a great extent while enjoy the services of the staff
  • Lengthen the performance evaluation period due to contract-bases employment nature
  • Enjoy IT professional advice and consultancy on updated market trends /strategies
Staff Development Services

  • Basic training for job advancement
  • Customized training service upon individual need
  • Management training for staff development

In order to enhance our client’s organizational performance and productivity, we offer every single client the highest level of individualized attention and customer service through a team of HR Specialists with strong HR and recruitment knowledge.